Sometimes, when we are confused and fearful for extended periods of time, we can become depressed because we cannot see the way; but faith sees the way. Faith is the medication and the answer for worry and lack of vision.

When we smile, even though it may seem that everything is going against us; this shows that we understand our excellence and know where our strength and power come from. It also demonstrates that we are creative and have what it takes to shift, bounce back and win, because no ordinary woman or man can do this without the creative source. Indeed, we are extraordinary.

Our goal is to keep our mind clear, unclouded, untroubled and positive in order to maintain sound judgment from our beautiful, perfectly working brain so that it may direct our autonomic nervous system with exquisite excellence. Do not be afraid. When we are fearful or anxious our mind and mental abilities can become fragmented and incapable of alertness and vigorous concentration.

Our objective is to maintain sharp, effective, positive thinking in order to help us regenerate and maintain our calmness, which brings poise, balance, mental serenity and contentment… and from this position, darling, all things are possible.

I love that faith see the way.

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Denise Renee May 26, 2020 - 4:28 AM

I love this! Short, sweet and to the point. Faith is our vision. Vision is all about tapping into the unseen origins of reality. It give us direction for our actions so that eventually we have created a new reality that we now see. Vision/faith trumps sight! That’s why we need to “walk by faith, not by sight.”

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