Over twenty years ago, I experienced a paradigm crash. Everything in my life and within my world shattered into more than a million little pieces—following the death of Justin, my youngest child at the time. Almost every decision that my husband and I made then seemed wrong because we were operating from such a low level emotionally. After months of grief counseling; years of spiritual counseling; more years of personal development, coaching and transformational work; and given time to find the faith that there was just a little bit more that I could become and offer—I slowly began to feel emotionally well enough to reevaluate my life and my values. This was not easy and it certainly took a while, but it restored me just a little more each day. For me to move forward I knew I had to determine a new ideal for my life. No matter how much pain I was in, I concluded that the process had to start right where I was—with me. >

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