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a vigorous state of mind

a way to thrive

Flourish Digital Magazine is an exciting new lifestyle publication designed to inspire, motivate and compel readers to live their best lives: personally, professionally, socially and spiritually. Founded by lifestyle strategist, executive coach, author, and former international model, Chloé Taylor Brown, Flourish Digital Magazine sets a new standard in virtual communications. 

Flourish brings the virtual to life with vibrant, fully-flushed, 4-color pages featuring stunning images and rich, thought-provoking editorials. Featured sections include wellness, personal style, home décor, fashion and more. 

Flourish Digital Magazine debuted in May 2020 to an eclectic and diverse global audience of thousands featuring a cross-section of men and women readers of varying ages and cultures. With an intended audience of adult women between the ages of 35 to 54, marketing plans for Flourish entail hosting an array of events*, including the following: 

  • Virtual release parties for each issue;
  • Monthly virtual jazz brunches featuring the culinary talents of different chefs from around the world;
  • Styling webinars and virtual fashion shows for women and men featuring wardrobe tips and advice for the various social, professional, recreational and personal events a person may attend;
  • Virtual home tours featuring interviews with highly recognized and respected home stylists; and,
  • Weekly podcasts featuring interviews with our editorial contributors, international newsmakers and marketplace thought-leaders.

flourish digital magazine

is published on Issuu.com. The electronic publishing platform offers the potential to quickly reach and establish a worldwide readership, provides easy promotion across social media outlets as well as proffers countless opportunities to distribute and sell to audiences around the world.

The Flourish Digital Magazine team is excited and confident the publication – along with its readers – will do as its name heartens: flourish! We hope you will join us as we use this beautiful, seamless tool of a virtual publication to inspire life, love and wellness in others. It is truly a great time to flourish and to encourage others to do the same!

Please contact our sales department at sales@flourishdigitalmagazine.com for sponsorship and any of the above-mentioned events.

Flourish [ flur-ish, fluhr-]:

1. to be in a vigorous state: thrive 2. to be in its or in one’s prime; to be at the height of fame, excellence, influence, etc.

RATE BASE: 10,000* Data based on june launch

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  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. India
  4. South Africa
  5. Philippines
  6. Ireland
  7. Canada
  8. Australia
  9. Switzerland
  10. Brazil

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  • September/October: Resetting Our Lives for Harvest – AD Close: 8/10 – Available: 9/5
  • November/December: Festive Season – AD Close: 10/10 – Available: 11/14
  • January/February: Celebrating Life/A New You – AD Close: 12/05 – Available: 1/17
  • March/April: Spring Into Action/Do Something – AD Close: 2/06 – Available 3/13
  • May/June: When Ish Happens – AD Close: 5/8 – Available 6/12
  • July/August: Summer Time – AD Close: 7/8 – Available 8/11

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  • PAGE SIZE                  BLEED
  • FULL PAGE.                 8.5″ X 11″
  • TWO-PAGE SPREAD  17″ X 11″
  • FOUR-PAGE SPREAD (2) 17″ X 11″

Please confirm due dates in advance of advertisers / agency / engraver production planning. All materials should be sent to pr@flourishdigitalmagazine.com no later than closing dates unless you have been given an extension by the editor.