Flourish Digital Magazine: July/August 2020 Issue!

by Chloé Taylor Brown

It was January 2020 when the idea of FLOURISH, a Digital & Social Lifestyle Magazine popped into my head. I can’t tell you what I was thinking prior to that but the idea intrigued me. It came to me in a full-body felt perception, like a layered three-dimensional experience; I sincerely felt the whole concept as it flooded my consciousness, and it was delicious.

Flourish Digital Magazine is a collective effort of conscious creatives and professionals working together, playing, and sharing our knowledge, expertise and talents to communicate, build rapport, and act creatively through the written word, audio interviews and videos to champion and celebrate others and ourselves. Our goal is to create and share phenomenal content to inspire, entertain, educate and compel others to hold on by realigning and recalibrating in order to FLOURISH during and beyond COVID-19.

Indeed, we are going through global heartbreaks, confusion, food uncertainties, and the loss of life. This is tragic. Our first responsibility is to stay well, be safe and social distance during this coronavirus pandemic. In any paradigm shift or crash millions prosper and others discover new opportunities. The potential to reach out to those we love online and digitally, and to care more is enormous. No matter what, I believe we should stay positive and count our blessings. I know that at times life can be tough, and this is one of those times; nevertheless, let’s seek new ways to create new  paradigms that will allow us to blossom, to transcend and to flourish in our own uniqueness. I know we can do it.

Be safe and stay well.

Chloé Taylor Brown, Editor-in-Chief

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