A Woman’s Construction

by Sadiyah Adams

Thobekile MaMtshali Ndlovu.

Interviewed By: Chloé Taylor Brown 

Indeed, a woman’s construction is quite different from that of a man’s. In fact, this woman, Thobekile MaMtshali Ndlovu is proof of that. She is the founder and managing director for Thobethulani Trading  cc, a hundred-percent Black- and female-owned company in Durban, South Africa, which she started from humble beginnings in March 2005. She has made a great impact in the general building and construction industries—so much so, that she was honored with the Best Woman in Construction Award in 2015 by The Master Builders Association.

It may strike many as odd that such a feminine girly-girl would be a serious contender and multi-million-dollar server and earner in the male-dominated construction and building industry. So my first question to Thobe was right to the point.

Chloé: How did you become who you are in this industry?

Thobe: I think it just goes with passion, to be honest, because some of the qualities that I have just come naturally: being creative, being innovative and being stylish. I just love all of that.

Read the complete interview on page 77 in the Sept/Oct issue of Flourish Digital Magazine.I

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