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Being British in Atlanta, married to a Georgia native, and mother to a three-month-old, beautiful baby boy—born just before we reached our one-year wedding anniversary and just a couple months after we purchased our forever home in Grayson, Georgia, one might ask, “How Lisa, do you have time to juggle your corporate gig, photography, music, marriage, motherhood, and home decorating? Well, I certainly wish I had an answer for you, but all I can say is: life is fun, crazy, interesting, and a little wild—and filled with a lot of things that I love to do.




A little about me: I have just crossed into my forties, and I'm a type-A personality and Londoner living in Georgia. After four years, my husband, Ray, proposed on June 11th of last year and we were married on July 15th—after just 27 days of planning an epic wedding in front of 230 of our closest friends and family. Yes, I am that crazy, and no, it actually wasn’t that stressful, yes it was amazing and nope, no one could believe we pulled it off—but that’s another story for another day).

I am mother to the world's cutest baby boy, Hudson. (Sure, I may be a little biased.) And I am the daughter of Linda and Keith Wilder, who was also the lead singer of the 70s group Heatwave ("Always & Forever," "Boogie Nights," "Groove Line"). Creativity and spontaneity run deep in my veins, and I enjoy diving into many creative outlets. While writing music is one of them, another happens to be home décor—and everything home and family. Specifically, I love making things “Beautiful on a Budget.” I genuinely believe there is always a way to achieve the look and feel of luxury and intentional design in your home—without breaking the bank.

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