The Ability To Believe

by Chloé Taylor Brown

One of our greatest abilities and gifts is the ability to believe what we choose to believe.  Believe means to trust, consider, think, suppose, deem, judge, imagine, credit. I want us to believe with all of our heart that we will be and do what we were made to be, do and become.

What I’ve learned over the years of studying, practicing, coaching and working with thousands of individuals and teams is that when they have spent just several hours learning and using universal strategies that help them control their mind by forming the habit of thinking highly of themselves, determining their “ideal” and envisioning what they want and desire as they hold happy, prosperous images and pictures in their mind to produce wonderful feelings, then they are able to experience what they have believed mentally, spiritually and physically. In their everyday life. This is a mindset shifting, pivoting, game-changing life phenomena.

In order to genuinely strive with the energy and insight needed to become who we want to be we must determine our ideal and know what to believe in. It doesn’t matter how unlikely or how far away our ideal (what we want, our heart’s desire, our purpose) may seem, or how challenging it may be, if we visualize our ideal as best we can, as vividly as possible, hold tenaciously to it, enthusiastically believe as we work our strategies then we will meet and rendezvous with our ideal – our vision, and our determined ideal will gradually become actualized and realized in our life.

Know this, especially at this time during COVID-19 and with our uncertain global economy; we must do all we can to hold on to our heart’s desires and our determined ideal. Lets continually believe, strive, show up, and be ready to play and contribute so that our true heart’s desires and purpose will not vanish before realization.

Let’s practice thinking and speaking only those things that we want to be and to become true. The goal is to believe and have faith that we are meant to self-actualize and flourish.

Finally, let’s believe in ourSELF and have faith. Faith truly is the substance of things hoped for, the silhouette of our determined ideal. The image itself; the real substance, not just a mental image. What we truly believe and feel (not what we say) is a tremendous creative energy and power in our life and when we learn to color beauty within the silhouette of our determined ideal then we set our whole thought current and life flow in the direction of our purpose; and we become aligned. This is when manifestation ensues.

I’m sending love to you today and always,

Chloé Taylor Brown, Editor-in-Chief

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