I believe that to fully express ourselves—and the essence of who we are in all its fullness—we must know and understand who we really are, first. It doesn’t mean that we can’t be successful if we do not; however, when we evaluate our heart’s desires—being truthful, honest, and honorable in determining our ideal, and what we believe or know will make us happy and whole—our spirit calls us toward that, which is the light. And we shine. Many call this passion, purpose or calling. I call it a big-life game, and I want us to discover it and play it in real time. This is the dream that shines brightly within, and it’s attached to our best self—the self we’re all yearning to meet and rendezvous with, whether we know it or not. This is “the light” God has given us to draw out of our own self, to create a beautiful life for ourselves and for others.

Our best self is multidimensional and shines brightly, Darling, including all important parts of our life—with the grand total of us harmonizing and balancing out to be a whole, complete person.


When we realize that in our natural state we possess tremendous abilities, talents and gifts, then we truly know that because of these special gifts, the very best thing we can do—for ourselves, our family and our world—is to make the most of ourselves by using these gifts and allowing our light to shine brightly. The key to determining our ideal, our purpose—our big-life game for our life—is to know and acknowledge our dreams and passions. By determining our ideal and then admitting it out loud—to ourselves and to a few other key individuals—we will start acquiring, building up and maintaining the power to strategically design our life based on our vision and our ideal. >

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