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Welcome To The Summer Issue

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Flourish: to grow luxuriantly, to thrive & achieve success, to prosper, to be In a state of production.

Editor's Note

Happy crisp Fall!


I’ve always thought of Fall as a time for “turn-down” and reset—and because of the coziness and warmth of the season, it just seems in perfect order that we not only wrap ourselves up in comfy warm blankets and scarves, but also in the good feelings of contentment and appreciation. Fall feels like comfort and intimacy with family and close friends. It smells like homemade soups, warm apple cider and fresh-baked apple pie, and all sorts of comfort foods. Lisa Washington, Flourish Digital Magazine‘s Food & Lifestyle Contributor, shares one of her tasty yet simple home-cooked cozy meals: Cornbread and Spicy Mexican Beans. Read the full letter on page 4 of the FALL 2021 issue of FDM, and thank you, for reading and sharing Flourish Digital Magazine.

Chloé Taylor Brown.





Chadd Black, An Interview With Chloé Taylor Brown.

His demeanor is cool, confident, and laid-back. From Houston, Texas, he has been called “The Mogul in the Making” because of what he has been able to accomplish over the past ten years in his twenties.

“I’d been going back and forth with it, and everything was about business. I just felt like it was 24/7. And I do enjoy what I do. I love my career, my profession, what I’ve been called to do. But I realized in this pandemic that I’m more than the business and more than a business owner. So I embraced the notion that I’m more than a CPA, I’m more than the owner of Gagné Associates. I’m a thought leader.”

"Lets's live our best life amidst the splendor of Fall—happening all around us!"
~Flourish Digital Magazine

Your image IS your BRAND. It could be worth a fortune to you when you're poised, polished and positioned for success, Chloé-Style!


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