Flourish means to grow luxuriantly, to thrive & achieve success, 

to prosper, to be In a state of production.

Meet Charmaine Wright Orr, our JAN/FEB cover model. Many people think of fresh starts, new beginnings, and do-overs as something that takes place after something else that wasn’t so desirable has happened. That’s not actually real, however. In fact, this year at Flourish Digital Magazine, we’re reframing those narratives—and here’s why.

When we understand and accept that nothing stays the same forever, we can get out ahead of situations, upsets and even paradigm crashes—through therapy, counseling, coaching, and mentoring, as well as finding spiritual groups, discovering new hobbies and skills, and even revisiting things we used to love but for various reasons let go. How about some personal development? It’s not too late.    >

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