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The Summer 2022 Issue of Flourish Digital Magazine

I’m in awe, ladies and gentlemen. All I can say now is, but God! You know what I mean? I once had a random, inspirational thought—that I could start a magazine. It soon turned into an alluring, fun, sexy feeling. Remember this: How we feel is what we’re praying. Within four months it had morphed into a vision for a real thing—called Flourish Digital Magazine. This is our third Summer issue, and I am thrilled to share every page with you as we enjoy the breezes of Summer.

First, allow me to be the one to announce some exciting global news. FDM has signed on as a marketing partner with Prudential Financial Inc., a multi-trillion-dollar global company, starting in September 2022. We are so excited and proud to partner with such an esteemed company. It is truly a major accomplishment and a dream come true. In addition, we have a new international Arts & Entertainment Editor from Johannesburg, South Africa, Clive Mathibe. In this issue, Clive conducts lively interviews with three outstanding, diverse talents—in music, film and art, and interior design—to paint an exquisite portrait of the modern African narrative.

Read the full letter on page 4 of the Summer 2022 issue of FDM, and thank you, for reading and sharing Flourish Digital Magazine.

Flourish Digital Magazine Is An Upscale Lifestyle Publication.
Chloé Taylor Brown
Publisher & Editor-In-Chief

Enjoying The Summer Breezes And Living
The Soft Life.

Flourish means to grow luxuriantly, to thrive & achieve success, to prosper, to be In a state of production.

It was a beautiful sunny day with a nice tropical breeze, so we choose to dine outside, to best enjoy ourselves and the experience. She sat very near to us, chatting it up with her guy friend. I tried my best not to stare—but her beauty, poise and easy way of laughing was captivating. At the end of our meal, and as I stood up to leave, she glanced my way, and I couldn’t help myself. “Hello there. I’m Chloé—the publisher of Flourish Digital Magazine. I would like to know you.” >

Read the full article starting on page 9.

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