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Welcome To The Summer Issue

Flourish Digital Magazine

Flourish: to grow luxuriantly, to thrive & achieve success, to prosper, to be In a state of production.

Editor's Note

This is indeed a lighter, more lovely season than Summer 2020, and we are grateful and optimistic that people and places will continue to flourish in spite of many uncertainties lingering. I believe in doing our best to look for the more excellent and compassionate way.


All of us who have worked on this issue of Flourish Digital Magazine have been inspired, and we want you to enjoy it as well. Let us know what you like best and what you would like to see more of. What a challenge it was to complete, though. One thing I have always known—and even more so now, after this issue—is this: There is nothing like a dynamic, creative and loyal team of people who stick with you, especially when you need refueling. Without their efforts, actions, presence, and leadership, Flourish Digital Magazine would not be the luxury publication that it has become in just one year.  Read the full letter on page 4 of the SUMMER 2021 issue of FDM, and thank you, for reading and sharing Flourish Digital Magazine.

Chloé Taylor Brown.




Poised, Styled & Celebritized!

Chloé Taylor Brown & Team Celebritizes Bridget Gagné.

Bridgett, why did you want to polish a professional image regarding where you would like to go and be now?

“I’d been going back and forth with it, and everything was about business. I just felt like it was 24/7. And I do enjoy what I do. I love my career, my profession, what I’ve been called to do. But I realized in this pandemic that I’m more than the business and more than a business owner. So I embraced the notion that I’m more than a CPA, I’m more than the owner of Gagné Associates. I’m a thought leader.”

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability."
~Sam Keen

Your image IS your BRAND. It could be worth a fortune to you when you're poised, polished and positioned for success, Chloé-Style!


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