by Sadiyah Adams

Denitra Isler

Interviewed by: Seane Shaw

FDM – How has it been getting acclimated to doing things differently in the acting world due to Covid?  

DI – Everything has literally been shut down. We all are waiting to see how things are going to work when we go back to work, and the limitations on the number of people on set. There’s so many people involved when making a project (hair and makeup, props, directors, production crew, etc.). They are just trying to keep everyone safe. It’s really a strange time. Even the way people audition has changed. Now there are Zoom auditions out of the comfort of your home. I truly believe that some of these new approaches to our business are going to remain due to efficiency.  

Read the complete interview on page 83 in the Sept/Oct issue of Flourish Digital Magazine.

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