I am primarily from a Creole family with roots in Louisiana. Both my parents are second- and third-generation Texans, so that’s why I am proud of my rich culture—being Creole, having Louisiana roots, and growing up in Texas. People born in Texas tend to have this thing. You know, if you’re born in Texas then you’ve got something special. That’s me.

I love Jesus. I love the Lord. I know my life is guided by the Holy Spirit and I am spirit-filled. I was created to make Jesus known on the Earth through the work that I do as an accountant. This is my training and my trade, and I love what I do. I love numbers. I love the assurance of numbers and the way numbers tell stories—it’s in my DNA. But I’m more than just about accounting and my business. Accounting is an entry point to building trust, and people trust me with their money, making it a great pairing of who I am with what I’ve been called to do.

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