Celebrate Life!

by Paula G. Voice

We are ALL in a season. Our seasons vary as we all are at different points and places in our lives.  We ALL are in a season. Even though we are all in our respective seasons on this place called earth, we are also ALL in the same season. A season of pandemic can be a real eye opener!  Regardless of who we are or where we are because we are ALL part of the human race, we share so much more than we realize. Hurt, pain, anger, stress, joy, sadness, sorrow, grief, we all experience these emotions and feelings at one point in time or another. We all desire the best for ourselves and our families.

 Life has a way of shaping our life, our future.  Life can change in the blink of an eye. One day your loved one is whole, healthy, happy, and thriving, the next day, they are gone. You then find yourself thrust into a season of pain and grief. One day you find yourself without someone to share your life with, the next day, your soulmate enters your life and life is never the same.  Your days are filled with joy and companionship.  Regardless of your season in life, know that seasons change.  As we may hear, “trouble don’t last always.” Hmmm, sometimes trouble seems to last way longer than we would like for it to last. We can get discouraged and feel that brighter days may never come, but they do, they do! I would encourage you to be encouraged during your season.

However, also note that some seasons, are self-inflicted! What do I mean by that? Some seasons last longer than intended because we have not learned the lesson that is being revealed to us during that season.  You ever heard this definition of insanity? Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Stuck in a season because the lessons are not being learned. Look at the season you are in and seek the purpose for that season.  Life has so many challenges, peaks, and valleys.  Life is a journey that is not always pleasant but not always difficult. There are joyous moments, loving moments, cherished moments. If you find yourself in a season of grief or difficulty, reflect on pleasant memories and pleasant times and know that there is always hope and that you will be able to smile again, in due season. I leave you with this: You are in a season of your life. It may be a place that you have never been before.  As you leap into this uncharted territory placed before you, you realize that you are on the threshold of discovery, good or bad, a threshold of discovery.  As you take this leap of faith into the unchartered territories that have been placed before you realize that you are on the threshold of a new experience. Allow yourself to feel the emotion of the season, learn the lessons along the way, emerge from that season with strength, wisdom, and love! Celebrate your season!

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