A Faith Journey

by Paula G. Voice

Faith! It is not a free pass to an easy life.  However, it is what we utilize in order to manage what life throws at us.  It is what helps us through the difficult, dark, and tragic seasons of our lives. So how do we utilize it to help us through these times?  Let us start by thinking about all the past experiences we have come through. How did we get through those experiences? 


I have found this particular journey to be one of resolve.  Lord knows it was not easy, but I did get through.  The thing about faith is, it is not a tangible thing! You cannot go and buy a bottle of it off the shelf at your favorite grocery store.  You cannot order it on-line and you cannot grow it in your back yard. It is that trust and belief in what you cannot see, but you know it is there. The Bible tells us that faith is the substance of things not seen and the evidence of things that are hoped for.  We must maintain hope within that conversation in between our ears.  Our thoughts have power.  The Law of Attraction has power.  The question is, how will we use that power?

Faith, do you question whether or not you possess it? Every time you board an airplane you subconsciously are exercising faith. When you go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription that your doctor has prescribed, you are exercising faith.  When you turn the faucet on, you are exercising faith that water will come out.  Water that is not full of poisonous toxins.  When you get in the car with a family member, Uber driver, or friend, you are exercising faith that they will get you to your destination safely.  We all utilize subconscious faith in our daily lives. Why not exercise it in our circumstances? Once I wrapped my head around that, I realized, I would be able to get through my double dose of doom.

Eventually I did but it was not easy. I had to constantly remind myself that I was not alone.  The presence of God was with me 24/7 helping me to navigate through the ebb and flow of emotions and life adjustments endured. I had to tell myself to eat because I needed my strength in order to be available and ready for the opportunities that lay ahead in my future.  I had to tell myself that anxiety, stress, and fear were obstacles that would impede my progress and would delay my future opportunities because I would not be ready to receive them. Faith, in the midst of difficult times is an on-going process indeed. We have to get up every morning and challenge ourselves to make it a good day in spite of what the day may hold.  How can we navigate through this day? However, we decide to navigate through the day we have to celebrate that we just made it through the day!  I believe the phrase “time heals.” Time heals and faith helps the process.  I am who I am because of my faith.  I have arrived at this wonderful place in my life as a result of faith. A difficult, journey filled with many, many setbacks. A difficult journey that has ended in victory! Victory! Victory for my journey! Faith! Allow your faith to root in you spirt!  Allow your faith to carry you through your storms in life!  Allow your faith to see you through to happier, brighter, and joy-filled days.  Be encouraged and embrace the journey!



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