SUMMER LENS – Paula G Voice

by Paula G. Voice

Well! Needless to say, if anyone has viewed the world through rose-colored glasses, you probably need to change the lenses. In the past 18 or so months, our world has changed drastically on so many levels. Those rose-colored glasses have probably fogged up ten times over. Especially when you have a mask on. I still haven’t figured out how to stay fog-free! We definitely are in a new season, and it is quite different. I struggle with the “getting back to normal” because after what we have been through universally, how is that possible?


I flew for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic a couple of months ago. I would dare say, the process from the Uber to the airport, to security, to the plane, was anything but normal. It is a new way of life. Now I must confess that I am a closet germaphobe, so I was delighted to see the safety and sanitation measures throughout the process. The realization of a new way of flying was very evident. So how do we navigate this season? It’s Summer, for crying out loud!

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