Timeless Beauty with The Lady – Carol Causieestko

by Flourish Digital Magazine

I believe aging is relative; it’s how your inner and outer being merge. That is the real test. The key to the Fountain of Youth is within your spirit—never buying into ageism and the propaganda associated with it.

What makes one timeless? It is not a status concomitant with a numerical age. In a recent conversation with my Millennial educator daughter L’Oréal McCollum, MSW, LSW, M.Ed., she expressed her succinct perspective on the matter: “The beauty that is timeless is that from within.” My daughter and I agree: Each day you live, you get the opportunity to create and re-create your timeless legacy—no matter your age. From my perspective, Timeless Beauty resides at the intersection of personal style; inherited and learned beauty practices; and innovative health regimens.

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