Happy Spring, Flourishing Friends!

by Flourish Digital Magazine

Let’s turn toward the light, Darling; and in doing so, physically and spiritually, we impact our health and overall well-being so that we can take ownership and responsibility. We’ve all been cooped up and restricted way too long—a year, in fact—and now that we’re approaching a beautiful Spring and Summer, I encourage all of us to really pay attention to our mood—our state of mind—which is directly affected by light. The sun is glorious and has a magical healing power; so, absorb your share. And be sure to read what Lyn Ross, our Beauty Editor, has to say about sunscreen.

Biologically, light impacts our sleep, cognition, temperament, and whole-life harmony and flow. Light even helps us sleep and rest better at night, stabilizing our circadian rhythms. Psychologically, light can decrease depression and increase energy and joy—and we all could use more joy. I love how Flourish Digital Magazine’s new Gen Z apprentice, Alexandria Lee, along with her girlfriends, created their own outdoor fun to absorb the sun. We can do the same—and in many different ways.

Read the full Editor’s Note in the March/April Spring 2021 issue.

Chloé Taylor Brown

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