Core Values of Business Growth During Times of Uncertainty

by Flourish Digital Magazine

As we face challenging times, the ExV Agency and Women Building Women have taken their three core values to create a list of action items that any business can implement—to help grow visibility, encourage network growth and build support and collaboration within their business community.


The ExV Agency’s business grew exponentially after Karen and Frank merged their businesses. A good exercise for any business affected by the lockdown is to research businesses and individuals that have a like-minded work ethic and the same core values. Start having conversations, explore ways to support other businesses and collaborate without having to sign a merger or partnership deal on a dotted line right away. You may find that by working with others in similar business fields, you will not only grow your strength as a business due to a mix of unique skills being brought together, but you will also learn new ways to streamline systems within your business so you can focus on your strengths and on the portions of the business you are truly good at. Exploratory collaborations could empower your business beyond measure in a short period of time. A good way to better position your business during a time of uncertainty is bringing different viewpoints to your table. >

Read the complete article on page 72 in the July/August issue of Flourish Digital Magazine.

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