I Will Gather mySELF!

by Flourish Digital Magazine

I will get up, gather myself, release what I cannot control, and direct my attention and energy toward what I am able to create. I will thrive and flourish.

What I’ve learned is that when terrible or tragic things happen in the life of a woman of faith and sagacity, her secret to realigning, pivoting, repositioning, and sometimes even reinventing herSELF – is her ability to concentrate and focus on who she is, what is good, and what allows her to “feel” better now. “How she feels is her prayer.” Somehow, she knows how to gather herSELF after experiencing great loss. She releases what she cannot control and directs her attention and energy toward what she is able to create.

She knows that worry, fear and double-mindedness is disastrous to her concentration and destroys her creative abilities. She also knows that when she vibrates with conflicting emotions, effectiveness is impossible, which ages her and takes the pep out of her step and robs her of laughter, joy, and the ability to #flourish.

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Soniya July 24, 2020 - 2:28 PM

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