I am especially optimistic today, flourishing friends; and even though life in many areas is still very challenging and uncertain, it is very beautiful in other areas. I know we can get through this, especially together; so make sure to pay attention to your self care daily, think positively—and hold somebody’s hand today as well.

Women! We made history when Kamala D. Harris was sworn into office as the first woman Vice-President of the United States of America. Indeed, Madam Vice-President, you are the first; but certainly “not the last”—as you so eloquently and boldly stated yourself. We are encouraged to know that you will, no doubt, hold many smooth and rugged hands in the months and years to come. We thank you in advance.

This issue of Flourish Digital Magazine is overflowing with consciousness, feminine power, agape love and self care—”how-tos” to help us to maintain a positive outlook. Meet Swaady Martin, creator of the Tounché Global Consciousness Summit. Read what Daniel Langer, CEO of Équité has to say about the future of luxury brands, lifestyle brands and consumer brands. Discover your personal excellence and how to use it. Read the twenty attributes of a feminine power player, and see where you are. There are too many amazing articles to mention; but please, do connect with all of our lifestyle writers and contributors. Meet Xara, the 12-year-old Boss Girl, and Victoria, the 20-year-old who is “Blacking Business” while navigating dating on her college campus during the coronavirus pandemic. Learn how to go from employee to entrepreneur. Align your business, perk up your money, soothe your soul, be entertained and uplifted; and be inspired by all the books we’ve included for you this winter.

Lastly, hold on to your faith. Put it into action with certainty. Keep dreaming big, Darling. Put some PEP into your thoughts, your feelings and your life steps every day. This will activate your faith and help you to thrive, flourish and manifest in 2021.

All the best!

Chloé Taylor Brown

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