You Get A House or Two – Patricia Boezio

by Flourish Digital Magazine

Interviewed By: Chloé Taylor Brown

Patricia Boezio specializes in loans for first-time homebuyers, especially the Latino community in emerging markets. She is Senior Mortgage Loan Originator with Homestar. I met Patricia 15 years ago when she was an Atlanta Woman Magazine cover stylist. She and several other high-powered, influential businesswomen were gracing the cover.

Chloé – Patricia, when I met you, you were at the top of your professional game and career. When you started your business, was it always in the mortgage and loan industry?

Patricia Yes, it was 1996, just after the Olympic Games when I started working and focusing on emerging markets, pretty much working with my community. That was my focus in that moment. And after that, I have been blessed to help more than 6,800 families to be homeowners.

Read the complete interview on page 76 in the Holiday Issue of Flourish Digital Magazine.

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