Walking In The Ocean of Love & Wisdom

by Flourish Digital Magazine

Written by: Jayne A. Mason

When I feel it is time for resetting my life with a golden vision for living, I go to the beach and find a quiet spot to meditate—sitting, then standing, and then fully in motion walking in the ocean of love wisdom. This is my temple of oneness. It is infinitely sacred to me.

I honor that I am Love. I amplify love. I leave only love in the ocean to flow to all of life on Earth. I adore the ocean in love with the dolphins. I celebrate, appreciate and acknowledge the dolphin’s ability to communicate their signature whistle and other sounds over a vast distance with echolocation, allowing them to be identified as a unique being in a social setting. A fluid authenticity in the ocean of diversity can be enjoyed with a high-frequency perception of fun and of love wisdom.

Read the complete article on page 41 in the Sept/Oct issue of Flourish Digital Magazine.

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