Written By: Jade Cherell

When my mom told me, I honestly didn’t believe her at first. The words seemed to float out of her mouth in a dream-like state. The only way that I wrapped my head around it at first was to think she was joking or that I was dreaming. My mom told me we were going to San Francisco and Oakland! A whole week visiting family for Christmas! But also I would be able to be in the grand city of San Francisco for a week as a Christmas present! Sign me up! As a 17-year-old, I was super-stoked, for lack of a better word. I probably started packing immediately after learning of our trip.

I really do not remember the journey to San Francisco. The memory that sticks out in my mind the most is arriving at the San Francisco airport. I remember the excitement of traveling with the whole family again. My brothers and I were so very excited! I was 17, and my brothers were 14, and 4. I found myself acting more like them than the mature, sophisticated 17-year-old that I was.

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