Timeless Beauty – Carol Causieestko

by Flourish Digital Magazine


In this contemporary age, living—for me—has often meant escaping all remnants of a past that included some missteps that I could not seem to get behind me. Surely, with a new life, I could escape the past and go right into my destiny, my calling. In this dawning of the new year, I had etched out a plan of action. This pursuit toward fearlessness would mean that I would need to make some moves and take some leaps—knowing that the proverbial net would catch me.


There are two “plans” in life: one we attempt to create, and the other, which the Universe chooses for us long before we are born. Believers refer to it as The Master Plan, a general plan or program for achieving. Quickly acquiring the secrets of this Master Plan is the goal for forward movement involving time, our most precious commodity. Spending time wisely and valuing space in time successfully is our end-goal objective.

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