The “Better Angels” of Business

by Flourish Digital Magazine

How We Adapted to 2020 to Prepare for 2021

ect on a historic year that was filled with uncertainty, the ExV Agency is grateful that even when things got tough, we were always surrounded by a supportive community of incredible people that got us through the hard times.


Focusing on the holiday spirit of this edition of Flourish Digital Magazine, we decided to have conversations with several contacts in our network, from the for- and non-profit sectors, that have soldiered through this challenging year. We focused on central themes to discuss how they pivoted, found moments of joy, helped others, and continued to push through, despite the difficulties of 2020.

By Karen Gamba and Frank Carlisi, Co-Founders of The ExV Agency

Read the complete article on page 80 in the Holiday Issue of Flourish Digital Magazine.

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