Pursuit of Wealth

by Sadiyah Adams

Curated by: Barbara Young

Do we all have the ability in life to obtain wealth?  We have dreams and ideas, but sometimes we lose sight of our ideas because we allow negative thoughts and influences to manipulate our wealth consciousness.

Wealth starts In our thoughts—with the ability to have a sense of abundance.  It’s the experience rather than what one possesses. If we think of wealth as merely monetary possessions, this view lacks the beauty of enjoying a purpose-filled life.

My own thoughts and outside influences used to stop me from taking chances in life, which prevented me from having a wealthy mindset. Now I know, I can rewrite things and make changes because I live my life by my own design. When we have a  wealthy mindset, we have liberty and we have happiness.

The interviews that follow are with two different women, Ivonda Mitchelle and Madison Carlista, who are wealthy in life.  They have an appreciation of all aspects of life that pertain to being self-aware and living a purposeful life. Not only are they committed to their own wealth, but also to helping others find their wealth and happiness. Regardless of challenges, outside influences or traumatic experiences, they maintain a wealthy mindset. 

Read the complete interview on page 69 in the Sept/Oct issue of Flourish Digital Magazine. 

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