No Photos, Please – Victoria Moore-Mcmiller

by Flourish Digital Magazine

A couple weeks ago, my friend Shelby and I reconnected with our mutual friend Jocelyn. She had three of her sorority sisters—Rade, Olivia, and Christell—over for a get-together, and we decided to crash. The night was so much fun, filled with laughter and smiles; we played drinking games, and complained about men. It was everything you want from a girls’ night! Jocelyn’s friends were so nice and hilarious, and Shelby and I were feeling like we had made some new friends, which is not as easy as it used to be before the pandemic, and therefore so much more rewarding now. However, when it came time for that part of the night where we took pictures together to commemorate what had been such a great evening, Jocelyn’s friends took the pictures. . .without using flash

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