Niya Brown Matthews

by Chloé Taylor Brown

You know what I’ve seen, Chloe? I’ve seen people for the first time in their life sitting still, and that scares them. Sitting still scares them because they are having those inner issues. They don’t want to deal with them. So they stay busy, not realizing that eventually they’re going to crash because they’re still not tapping into what’s really going on with them. Like, why do you need to stay busy? Why can’t you be at peace? Why can’t you sit still? Why do you have to always be on the scene? There’s something wrong there.


And I’ll tell you something about coaches, Chloé, and what’s about to take place. People are running on empty; and I’m seeing the aftermath of that in my coaching business. Have you not seen an influx in your coaching? I see this hustle spirit that’s out here. Hustle till you die. Get it. Get money. Get things. Get, get, get, get.

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