Iron Sharpens Iron: FATHERHOOD

by Paula G. Voice

Wisdom for the Next Generation of Fathers

For the past several years, I have been led to share an encouraging post or message for fathers. Father’s Day is often met with mixed emotions depending on the depth and presence of the father in the home. Many carry the echoes of that presence or lack thereof, and the echoes often resound in mid-June as Father’s Day approaches. I recently asked three fathers, all of whom I respect as men and as fathers, to share their journey. All three of these men are accomplished and successful in their professions. They each candidly shared their reflections on fatherhood. Each was honest about their journey and the wisdom they have gained as their journey continues into the grandfather and great-grandfather stage of life. I appreciate and thank Mr. Blacque, Mr. Starr, and Mr. Choates for sharing so openly. My prayer is that current fathers and fathers-to-be will draw encouragement, support, strength, wisdom, and guidance from these reflections. Take the nuggets, gentlemen, and continue to flourish on the phenomenal journey of fatherhood.

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