Mind your P’s & Q’s: At Home, Work & Socially

by Flourish Digital Magazine


Etiquette is about using your manners (behaviors) so that you are comfortable with yourself and, as a result, you are able to make those around you feel comfortable as well. It’s about knowing the rules and knowing when it’s okay to break them so as to not humiliate others. When you are gracious, thoughtful and kind, other people are attracted to you.


Your manners should match the way you dress and the way you’d like others to know you. I can’t count the times I’ve witnessed beautiful people of all ages who have lost their manners, or perhaps they never acquired them in the first place. What about a fabulously dressed woman in feminine attire who walks, sits and speaks like an unrefined man? In many instances, these women just don’t know they are behaving inappropriately or projecting a “split image.”

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