We want you to be confident and powerful in all areas of your life and to express yourself authentically—with truthfulness and girl-swag. Girl-Swag is your appearance, your style—the way you present yourself, the goals you have chosen, and the way you feel about yourself. This is important, ladies, because you get to define your own girl-swag. You have the power to choose what thoughts you think, how you feel about yourself, how you feel about your body, who you want as your friends, and what goals you want to set for your life. It’s all about you and your natural gifts and abilities. Don’t let anybody else define you.


The way you feel about yourself, your body image, your goals, and who you want to become are important. Please know that it is essential that you understand this: The way you speak, behave, look, and dress are important; but, the most important fact to realize is that you are completely unique.

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