ETCH & MAR’KET – The passion behind the business

by Seane Shaw

Interviewed By: Seane Shaw

Seane Shaw – How has your business been impacted during this pandemic? I know your business is event-driven.


Etch – That’s been really the biggest struggle for us right now. But I will say, if you look at the glass half full, it has given us an opportunity to take a pause, and think about the brand, and what we can be doing differently—reshaping our offerings. Being that we can’t really visit our clients on site, we’ve had to be creative in extending our services. In doing so we’ve started hosting cooking classes and some drop-off services. We are fortunate in that this isn’t our nine-to-five, so it really allows us to evaluate and try different things and not have a hindrance on us economically. This is really a passion turned hobby, turned into a small business, that we can operate on the weekends. The biggest impact to our business has been our inability to employ our temp staff, who count on opportunities like ours. We hope someday soon to be able to be there for them like they’ve been here for us.

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