Egypt, An American Woman’s View

by Flourish Digital Magazine

Written by: Jade Cherell

I was invited to travel to Egypt and live there for three months— somewhat of a vacation. The trip was a gift from Taylor, one of my younger brothers. Like everyone else in my family, Taylor is tall, inquisitive, and smart; and his height, along with his athleticism and skills afforded him an opportunity to travel abroad playing basketball professionally. When I was invited to travel to Egypt to visit him, I could hardly contain myself!

Taylor lived and worked in a town an hour and a half north of Cairo, Egypt, called Tanta. The place actually reminded me of Agraba from the Disney movie, Aladdin. I’d gone to Egypt expecting to be a tourist and to find some kind of connection with Africa. I’ve traveled to many places in Europe, but for African Americans, Africa itself has always been a place of mystery and longing, of knowing where we came from. Read the complete article in the fall 2020 issue of Flourish Digital Magazine on page 59.

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