Divine Elegance – Nikki Berry

by Paula G. Voice

Listen, singing has really been a part of me for my entire life. There are stories that my family tells, about me singing at three years old! This was when I was three years old: My uncle is singing and he’s working on this door, and he’s down on his knees and he’s just singing. And I get down on my knees too, and start singing just like him. And everybody looks, like, “What is she doing?”


And they saw that I was singing on the right notes and everything. They thought, “OK, this child is special!” So, I started singing in the choir at church at five years old, even leading songs, and just falling in love with music! I was also in choir in junior high school and high school. So, singing has always been a part of me. But of course, my family really didn’t know how to cultivate that. It was, “Hey, you need to go to college. You need to get a job!”

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