DADDY’S STOLEN HEART – Miguel Martinez

by Chloé Taylor Brown

Straightaway, Miguel A. Martinez—serial entrepreneur, author, music producer and speaker—made it known that he is a very vocal father. He believes that being a dad is one of the things he knows has brought him greater success, especially at this stage in his life. He says his three children have driven him in an organic way to be more. He’s the father of Micaela, his four-year-old daughter; and two sons, a twenty-year-old and a twenty-one-year-old; and he also has a grandson.


Miguel says he’s definitely not afraid to showcase what inspires him. With his daughter being the youngest, you can already tell that she is a great source of inspiration to him, because she’s everywhere with him. Sometimes he takes her to Las Vegas to business meetings, or he’ll do a daddy–daughter weekend getaway to Orlando or Miami. He says what he learned from his sons when they were younger was “a different type of parenting from what I do now for my daughter.” Miguel laughs and says, “You know, daughters and women got kryptonite and they know it. My daughter knows it; being a girl-dad is a different experience from raising sons.”


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