CUBA: INTER-GENERATIONAL PERSPECTIVES : Dr. Gemma Beckley, Lisa Beckley-Roberts & Christina Beckley Lampley

by Flourish Digital Magazine

In the summer of 2019, a long-awaited journey to the country of Cuba had finally become a reality: Three generations of the Beckley family of women were anticipating three very different experiences. A 73-year-old (Dr. Gemma Beckley) had long awaited first-hand visual evidence of a Cuba that has continued since the presidential election of Fidel Castro; she wanted to see the evolution of a socialist government—assurances of “a chicken in every pot” providing great appeal. Her 40-plus-year-old daughter (Dr. Lisa Beckley-Roberts), on her second visit to Cuba, was seeking growth, understanding, and the renewal of her beloved Yoruba religious tradition. And Gemma’s granddaughter (Lisa’s niece, 20-year-old college sophomore Christian Beckley Lampley) was to have her first international experience—the rare chance to see both the beauty and the distinctions between a government of socialism, in contrast to her capitalistic democracy. Gemma’s beloved grandson (11 years old) got to relish the joy of relating to other children, taking in all the antique cars, and seeing the Spanish architecture of so many buildings from another era. Two years later, these three woman share vivid memories of their combined experiences and perspectives.

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