CLIVE MATHIBE: A unique queer voice shouts in South Africa

by Chloé Taylor Brown

voice shouts in south africa

Clive Mathibe is a South African Creative Director, Screenwriter, Playwright, Composer, TV & Theatre Director and all-round creative!

Chloé: At what age did you know for sure that you wanted the arts to be a part of your life?


Clive: When I was the age of sixteen, I knew for sure. At my school there were a lot of my peers who were child stars and working in the industry, so that exposed me to the world and what it looked like, over and above learning and being at an art school. It left me wanting more, so I’ve always known that this is definitely what I wanted to do. I knew this was for me, and that I would either be a singer, an actor or a performance artist. The Universe had other plans for me because I became a writer and a director, so that’s the trajectory of how my career went.

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