Beauty Innovation

by Seane Shaw

A skin moisturizer containing stabilized Vitamin c.

"Our product is really universal and resonates with both men and women. It was equal levels of wants and needs, which really supported the naming of the product."

Ron Robinson

There are always roadblocks. The key thing that I share with other entrepreneurs is how much inventory to order. The supply chain is very important. We also kept sharing our products with editors of various magazines and emphasized the importance of why we were unique. Towards the end of 2019 is when it snowballed. We started to get on the best Vitamin C product lists of magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan , Vogue, O, Glamour, and Women’s Health. We are now launching into retailers. We got picked up in Blue Mercury (nationally), and Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. We have also expanded in the UK. Social media has really helped with this.

Read the complete interview on page 27 in the Sept/Oct issue of Flourish Digital Magazine.

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