An Exhibition To Flourish | Jac Painter | Denise Jackson

by Flourish Digital Magazine

JAC PAINTER talks about her art with Denise Leitch Jackson.

Jac Painter (yes, that really is her name) creates heartfelt pieces of art. She repurposes graffiti chips that have fallen off the walls of the Krog Street Tunnel in Atlanta. Each chip has layers of paint, as the street art murals are layered one on top of the other. Often Jac uses Crayola candy colors to create work that is bright and visually compelling.


She has participated in a number of juried art shows around Atlanta. In 2019, I curated an artist talk titled “Inside the Artist’s Mind,” in which Jac and Atlanta artist Adam Cook interviewed each other, one artist to another.


I recently caught up with Jac to find out more about her journey with art and her recent series, “A Thin Black Line (Say Her Name).”

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