As a nation, if we’re ever going to reposition ourselves as healthy Americans who win consistently and significantly again, to be greatly admired by our own citizens and by the world, to even exceed where we once thought we were in decades past—then we must reimagine ourselves. We must think of new, delicious, innovative ways to play the global game of life—at higher levels of consciousness, authenticity and excellence. In my opinion, an elevated way of pulling this off is by enriching our personal awareness, integrity, and overall excellence levels across the board.


I believe we start by educating ourselves and our people, and by demonstrating how to apply what we learn through repetition—until we reach mastery in our innate skills, talents, and subjects of interest. These innovative methods, coaching strategies and teachings must be for all Americans and all ages—from birth until we expire—for rich, middle class and poor; for urban, suburban and rural dwellers, individually and collectively. And for sure, we know this by now: It’s accepting it and doing something about it that will make the difference.

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